Austin TX Company Offering New Bathtub Crack Repair Service

Austin, TX (PRWEB) December 3, 2010

Plastic and fiberglass bathtubs commonly develop weak floors that eventually lead to cracks and cause water to puddle underneath. A new bathtub repair service provides a rock-solid solution for Austin-area bathtubs that are cracked and broken.

While plastic and fiberglass bathtubs are highly durable, they are commonly in need of tub repair due to the nature of bathtub floor itself. The continuous weight that is placed on the floor surface by the users body weight causes stress until a hollow space develops underneath which then leads to hairline cracks, which then grow in size and seriousness fairly quickly. At this point Austin bathtub repair is necessary to save the bathtub unit.

Austin-based All Surface Renew is now offering professional fiberglass tub repair service that caters specifically to owners of these tubs that wish to save money and have a rock solid repair. The solution consists of three basic parts that are usually completed in under a total of two hours.

To fix a bathtub, first holes are made in the floor of the bathtub so that any water and moisture that has leaked underneath may be removed and fully dried. Next, a concrete-like product is inserted underneath the entire floor of the tub so that it is completely supported by the new, hard surface. This provides high impact resistance and strength that is much greater than the original bathtub.

Next, a custom-made floor inlay is installed in the bottom and fused through the use of a permanent, high strength adhesive that makes the inlay part of the original tub. The result is a new floor that is supported fully from underneath, as well as from above. The work is guaranteed against cracking or delamination for five years and is designed to last for the life of the bathtub itself.

The user can shower twenty-four hours later and will be protected from injury that could result from falling due to a weak bottom. Homeowners also save on other costly expenses such as structural damage to the house causes by a bathtub leaks and wood rot.

While repairing a fiberglass bathtub is a great option, it is still wise to make an analysis of replacing the bathtub vs. repair and choosing the best option for the homeowner’s current situation.

Operations manager, Jose Olmedo states ” The new bathtub repair service for fixing a cracked fiberglass tub has been a huge success for everyone. We can offer a highly durable and professional product that clients can truly benefit from because it is very affordable and doesn’t involve major bathtub replacement.”

Homeowners are encouraged to schedule an on-site analysis to see if their bathtub may qualify for this service.

All Surface Renew provides service to the Austin and surrounding areas and offers a Money-Back Guarantee on work performed. They repair cracked bathtubs and showers, refinish bathtubs, showers, shower bases, ceramic tile and countertops. All Surface Renew changes colors and extends the life of fixtures for many more years, and helps people save thousands over the cost of replacement. The company provides its surface repair and refinishing services to homeowners, Real estate brokers, hotels, university housing, property managers and hospitals.

To learn more about All Surface Renew and to see samples of their work, go to or call (512) 788-0025.