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Bathtub, Tile and Shower Refinishing

Refinishing can’t make things brand new again but, when done properly and professionally, can repair imperfections and make a bathtub, tile, or shower look beautiful, shiny, easy to clean, and long lasting. Work is usually done in less than a day and affordably compared to remodeling. If others promise you that your fixture will look exactly like new, they may end up giving you less than you expect.

Keep in mind that sometimes replacement will be the best option if you are already in a remodeling phase, if no demolition is needed for replacement, or if an item is far too damaged. Is refinishing for you? Give us a call.

Our love and passion is doing work that helps your home look its very best and that you’re proud of.

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Surfaces we resurface: porcelain bathtubs, steel bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, fiberglass bathtubs, plastic bathtubs, cultured marble bathtub, ceramic bathtubs, and ceramic tile etc.Our porcelain bathtub repair Austin service lets us fill and fix imperfections in your bathtub surfaces. Bathtub repairs in Austin can be made to damages that range in size from small to medium and sometimes large. Fixing porcelain bathtubs in Austin is what we do – and we look forward to hearing how we can help you in your project.

Fiberglass bathtub repair Austin is another service we offer. Fiberglass bathtub surfaces are durable and strong, but unfortunate accidents can happen that leave an obvious damage in the tub that needs to get fixed – we can address those problems. Austin fiberglass tubs can be repaired, it just depends on what type of fix is needed. People ask if we can fix Austin fiberglass tubs – and the answer is Yes. Repairing fiberglass bathtub in Austin TX and surrounding cities is one of our strengths and passions.

Another service that we offer: acrylic bathtub repair Austin. Acrylic material is different porcelain bathtubs or fiberglass bathtubs, and therefore requires different techniques and products to provide a solid and professional fix. Acrylic bathtub repair kits from home improvement centers can be tricky to use – and the paint color is typically off by many shades, which makes the repair more noticeable than it needs to be. Acrylic bathtub scratch repair in Austin can also be made by us at All Surface Renew. For anything related to acrylic tub repair Austin, reach out to us and see if we can help.

Bathtub stain removal Austin is yet another highly sought after service that we find ourselves providing often. Bathtubs, depending on the material they are made up of, get stained for different reasons. Stain extraction from bathtub surfaces ranges from simple to difficult – it just depends on what we are dealing with. We commonly come across stained porcelain bathtubs that have dark stains, light stains, rust stains, and scratch stains. We use special products and techniques to clean or treat bathtub stains so that your tub can look great again. Bathtub surface stains in your Austin tub won’t come out on their own, but we can help. Austin bathtub stain removal is what we do, gives us a call.

Common reasons for resurfacing: stains that won’t come out, shower, tile or bathtubs will not clean or gets dirty quickly, Chips, cracks, and scratches, outdated colors, color changes. We can reglaze items in a neutral color such as White, Biscuit, or Almond for maximum decor options.

Rust, pitting, erosion is usually repairable.