cracked and weak tubs

Cracked and Weak Tub Floors

  • Does your bathtub or shower have a crack in the floor?
  • Does the floor feel soft or squishy?
  • Types of bathtubs that commonly have this problem: Fiberglass bathtubs, cultured marble tubs, plastic bathtubs, etc..

Some bathtubs commonly develop soft, spongy floors over time that lead to cracking and sometimes will cause leaks underneath the bathtub. Poor installation, faulty bathtub design, or even normal human body weight are all things that can cause the bathtub floor you stand on to flex and get weaker.

To fix these problems for good, we apply a rock-solid material underneath the bathtub that supports the floor from underneath and install a permanent custom-made floor inlay that reinforces the bathtub from above as well.

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